Step 01


Process one ,Firstly we begin with strategy. What do you want to buy? Why do you want to buy? What are your needs, wishes and goals? Knowing the answers to these questions ensures you get the property you want.


Step 02


Keeping up to date with current market trends allows us to research suburbs that are relevant to your desires. We have access to numerous real estate agents who have unlisted properties. This allows us to identify risks, growths and benefits for you.


Step 03

Data analysis

We check each property for its potential as a liveable home. Factors we also look out for are nearby schools, sporting facilities, public transport, shopping precincts, arts and culture venues – in fact, anything that will make your new home more attractive.

For investors and commercial properties, we assess the property’s current and potential value by investigating the capital growth trends in the area. This includes everything from expected rental returns, strata fees and land development potential.


Step 04


We compare the properties we have found with your requirements and make a shortlist for you to choose from. This is where our value as a property buyer comes to the fore. Instead of trawling through the internet to untangle the suitable properties from the rest, you’re handed a list of about three properties, knowing that due diligence and research has selected the best.


Step 05


Now it is time for you to make the informed decision about which one you want to purchase. We can arrange inspections with the agents at a time that suits you.


Step 06


Purchasing may take place at auction or privately. Either way, experienced selling agents have tricks to push the price up for their vendor clients. A property buyers agent won’t be tempted into making an offer above what the property is worth, and has the skills to negotiate the lowest possible prices for your process.


Step 07


Last Process, once you have bought, we can arrange all the final details before you can call your investment your own.

We can book pest and building inspections and organise trades to fix what needs fixing. We will talk to your conveyancer, or even find one for you. For commercial purchases, we can organise property management to look after your investment. We don’t neglect insurance and can organise that your property is covered from the day you sign the contract.

For more information, listen to one of our podcasts, check out our blogs and enjoy reading case studies from a few of our happy clients.