In this week's episode of the First Brick Property Podcast we are joined by Power Loans' Director Fadi Fershi.

We discussed 9 reasons why you should never buy off the plan! The $500,000 Mistakes you can avoid making too!

This week's episode is our first Visually recorded Episode too!

Let's dive straight in!

4:00 – What is Off the plan property
6:30 – Reasons people buy Off the plan
8:00 – The Difference between House + Land Package and Off the Plan

11:30 – Reason 1 Why not to buy off the plan – Overpaying
13:00 – Reason 2 (THIS IS A HUGE ONE)
21:00 – This STAT will BLOW YOUR MIND. If you listen to nothing else but this, you have done yourself a great service. 
23:00 – Fadi asks for moral ground! 
25:00 – Reason 3 – Scarcity!
28:30 – Reason 4 – Land to Asset Ratio
29:00 – Reason 5 (This reason is why the first 3 reasons exist)
32:00 – Reason 6 – Owner occupier to Investor split 
33:00 – Reason 7 – CONTRACTS! 
34:00 – Sunset Clause?
36:00 – Reason 8 
38:00 – Reason 9 (This one scares us)

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*Note that all information in this episode is based on information that is constantly changing and these are unprecedented times*