COVID – 19
Its been in the news! Its been on your social feeds! Its been everywhere!
So how will Coronavirus affect the Australian Property Market 

2:50 – What is Coronavirus (COVID – 19)
3:45 – How did coronavirus start?
5:10 – Is it as bad as we think?
7:20 – Any treatment plans or vaccinations coming through to cure this?
10:30 – How to slow down the spread of COVID – 19

14:50 – What does it mean in terms of property?
15:40 – “Dont make a 30 year investment decision based off the last 30 days of news!” 

7 Reasons why we are confident in the Australian Property market despite the coronavirus
17:50 – 1. Australian Population growth 
18:20 – 2. Lower interest rates
19:30 – 3. Declining housing supply
20:00 – 4. More renters in the market 
21:00 – 5. Smaller households are becoming the norm!
22:00 – 6. First Home Buyers are Back!
22:50 – 7. Underlying fundamentals are strong!

24:35 – Property is the only investment class in the world not dominated by Investors!

26:30 – “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful” Warren Buffet

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*Note that all information in this episode is based of information that is constantly changing and is not for medical advice or financial advice*