This is a cross over episode. I was privelaged enough to be a guest on the Buyers Agent Institute Show Hosted By Ben Handler.
Here is that episode for you along with the show notes.
This episode was primarily about how i started and grew my business
Hope you enjoy!

Kyrillos Mansour is a buyer’s agent and the founder of First Brick. Initially an optometrist, Kyrillos has now helped hundreds of homeowners and investors all across Australia, with $50M+ over a hundred property purchases. Through his podcast and social media, he takes pride in educating everyday Australians on how to generate wealth through property investing. In this episode, Kyrillos and Ben discuss how consistency and word-of-mouth helped him land almost 20 clients in one month, how focusing on his BA business got him out of a low period, or why being patient might have been crucial in the success of his company.

– “You can have all of the programs (software) in the world, but if you don’t have any clients you don’t have a business.”

– “Sometimes you have to be patient, and when it’s ready to go, then you go quick.”

– “Yes, there are bad days, but what am I doing? […] I’m actually changing people’s lives. I’m making people financially free. I’m getting people closer to quitting their jobs earlier.”

– “I think we value failure too much. […] I always ask myself, what’s the worst thing that can happen?”

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