Financing, Loans, Equity and LMI! Get to know the main points when it comes to financing with director of Power Loans, Fadi Youssef

9:30 – Why use a broker? 
17:45 – Steps involved in obtaining a loan 
19:45 – Interest rates are not the most important aspect of a loan
22:20 – Deposits and loan requirements 
23:10 – What is LMI? How does it affect me?
24:30 – Exceptions to the 20% deposit rule
25:10 – “Avoid it if you can, embrace it if you have too” 
“If you can save faster than the market, its better to wait, but if the market is moving quicker than you save, consider LMI”
27:15 – Equity. What is Equity? How do I use it and embrace it too enhance my property portfolio
“The saying is the first property is always the hardest”
28:00 – Example of using Equity, What is LVR?
Purchase price $650,000 Loan amount $500,000 LVR 80% Property value increases to $950,000. Loan remaining $400,000. Available Equity $360,000 (950 000 X 80% – 400 000)
35:45 – Cross Collateralization  


1. The importance and the benefits of using a broker as opposed to going straight to the bank
2. What exactly is a loan in property, how to get a loan, the differences between OO loans and IP Loans, the differences between IO and P&I loans
3. The exceptions to the 20% rules
4. What LMI is, (Avoid it if you can, embrace if you have to)
5. What equity is and how you can use it to push yourself forward in building a portfolio
6. We also touched on offset accounts and cross collateralization and why you want to avoid it. 

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