Welcome to our Milestone episode! Episode 10, Q&A 
The People's Show

  • 3.00 – “Does Cooling off period apply to the vendors?”
  • 5.15 – “Is it smart to buy in these unprecedented times?”
  • 6.45 – “Best time to buy is when you're ready”
  • 9.15 – “Buying a property, then renting out a room to help pay off the mortgage, how does this impact tax and mortgage structure?”
  • 13.45 – “What is the end goal?, When do you stop buying, what are you trying to achieve?”
  • 16.30 – “Start with the end goal in mind”
  • 17.10 – “Since we cant get landlord insurance right now, how dangerous is it buying at the moment?”

Buying property is our passion, helping you do it is our mission!

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*Note that all information in this episode is based on information that is constantly changing and these are unprecedented times*