Hello and welcome back to another episode of the First Brick Property Podcast! Episode 32!

Today we are discussing every state's performance over the past 12 months, during a crazy year of COVID!

Check it out now!

6:00 – Australia as a nation!
9:30 – ACT Review
10:30 – Perth Review
11:45 – The Rest of Western Australia Review
12:40 – Northern Territory Review
13:40 – Adelaide Review
14:40 – The Rest of South Australia Review
16:00 – Hobart Review
17:30 – The Rest of Tasmania Review
18:30 – Melbourne Review
21:40 – The Rest of Victoria Review
24:00 – Brisbane Review
27:30 – The Rest of Queensland Review
29:00 – Sydney Review
32:00 – The Rest of NSW Review 

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*Note that all information in this episode is based on information that is constantly changing and is general advice only*