You may have heard of it, but what is it and is it for you? 
Find out on today's episode of the First Brick Property Podcast!

– 1:40, What is Rentvesting?
– 2:20, Benefits of Rentvesting:

  • Enter the property market sooner
  • Live the lifestyle you want 
  • Build wealth
  • Save for your dream home
  • Flexibility
  • Move around
  • Increases borrowing power 
  • Tax benefits 
  • Choose where you want to invest 
  • Financial Sense/ wealth creation 

– 9:00, Negatives of Rentvesting:

  • Buying an investment first
  • Dead money
  • You dont own your own home 
  • You cant make it your own 
  • Loss of CGT benefits
  • What will people think factor

– 16:00, Which is better?
Case study

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